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If you are ready for help in creating the positive changes you want within your organization, as well as in the world you influence, we are the partner for you. Sherry Schiller, Ph.D., internationally acclaimed master strategist, and our team of specialists around the world will help you:

  • Build an agile, collaborative culture
  • Overcome obstacles and make tough strategic decisions to achieve your vision
  • Refine leadership skills that encourage individuals and teams to use their strengths to accomplish challenging goals
  • Strengthen organizational performance and efficiency
  • Expand and deepen membership/customer loyalty
  • Hone your organizational identity and communications

Using our proven approach, Connective Change, we can help you through:

Hum: Using Connective Change to Lead Your Organization to Greater Purpose and Harmony

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Applying her extraordinary experience and people skills, Sherry coached us to create a strong school culture that maximized teaching and learning in a challenging environment. I can't wait to put the ideas she shares in this book into practice at my new school.
—Dr. Monica Medina-Olds, Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro

Hear what our clients say:
Robert Karli, Conspirare

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